Columbia County, Florida

Economic Development Department

Food & Beverage

We have the resources you need!

Food processors, beverage makers, and pet and animal food manufacturers as well as distributors of these products will find everything they need to thrive in Columbia County, Florida. We offer a recipe for success that starts with massive agricultural inputs close by including:

  • Citrus, melons and other fruit
  • Nuts and berries,
  • Grains and vegetables,
  • Beef and dairy
  • Eggs and poultry

Add plenty of clean, high quality and affordable water from one of the most productive sources of ground water in the country, and you have all the inputs you need to produce all kinds of great food and beverages. And with a workforce of more than 800,000 less than an hour’s drive away, you’ll have plenty of hands to help.

Columbia County has your energy needs covered, too, with abundant, affordable, and reliable energy. Our providers can distribute level voltages of 13.2 kV more throughout the county and up to 230 kV in some areas. Negotiated rate discounts for energy-intensive new businesses and additional incentives are available to make powering your success more affordable.

Natural gas is available throughout Columbia County and with it largest community using just 30% of the current capacity, there’s plenty to go around.

Food distribution centers in Columbia County, several of which offer cold storage facilities, can deliver your products to markets throughout Florida and along the southeast United States in just a few hours by truck. The CSX mainline offers additional options for reaching more distant markets by rail.

Columbia County’s transportation infrastructure connects to sixty million consumers within a one-day truck drive – huge markets with a healthy appetite that your business can help satisfy. With unparalleled access to markets, a huge labor force and all the inputs and energy you need, Columbia County is ready for new businesses in the food and beverage industry. There’s plenty of space available too. Contact us today to find the best location for your new business!