Columbia County, Florida

Economic Development Department


Powerful incentives you can build on

Locating your business in Columbia County, Florida makes great financial sense. Companies here enjoy a very competitive business tax structure, and Florida has no personal income tax. Florida also offers a number of powerful incentives including:

  • Sales and use tax exemptions on machinery and equipment for businesses that manufacture or process tangible goods
  • Capital investment tax credits for up to 20 years to help offset corporate income tax
  • Qualified target industry incentives including tax refunds of $3,000 per new job created

The criteria for these and other powerful state incentives are waived for businesses that locate within the 500-acre Rural Area of Opportunity in Columbia County. This area is part of the larger, North Central Florida Rural Area of Opportunity (RAO) which has been designated as a priority for economic development based on its abundant available land and excellent transportation infrastructure. Columbia County is also part of the Jacksonville Port Authority Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ #64) offering additional benefits for businesses that import or export goods.

Columbia County compounds the benefits of state incentives with its own local incentives, including property tax abatements and local discretionary incentives that offer forgiveness, reimbursement or otherwise special treatment of non-recurring expenses of new or expanding businesses. The county also offers quick and easy permitting for new businesses and industry.

Businesses in Columbia County enjoy a workforce of more than 800,000. No matter how large or small, CareerSource Florida Crown stands ready to help you find the workers you need with several services including nationally recognized and customized training programs and grants to help offset training costs.

We’re ready to help, too. Here in Columbia County, we specialize in identifying and packaging the best financing and economic development incentives and building strategic partnerships to help meet your unique needs. Call us today to put us to work for you!